Company name:
UTEKSOL d.o.o, Company for processing of leather and granulate forms

Pohorska 6a
2380 Slovenj Gradec

Robert Peretin

Telephone number
00386 (2) 88 42 451

Fax number
00386 (2) 88 44 102


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Today Uteksol, d.o.o. belongs to one of the most important manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers, plastic profiles and composition parts for footwear. We export about two thirds (2/3) of our production to EU market and the rest of Europe.


In our strategical direction we give much consideration to Thermoplastic elastomers and Profiles. Thermoplastic elastomers are being used for injection and extrusion in a different industrial areas: such as construction, car industry, electro-products, tools, toys, furniture, household mashines and appliances….

We fabricate profiles as composition parts for: cars, construction industry products, household mashines and appliances, home interior, furniture, fancy goods… With our rich experiences and production quality (as a proud owner of Europian Certificate ISO 9001:2000) we are following modern trends in the world.



We have quit a richful tradicion. As far back in 1850 a tannery was founded, which was completely renewed by the end of the 19th century. In the second part of the 20th century, leather industry gets more and more extinguished and activity is spreading onto a many different areas: for example production of footwear compositon parts, plastic forms and profiles.

Update 7.6.2017